Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Welcome to another enriching episode of JP2 Morning Crew! Today, Brandon Clark and guest Jared Smyth, Vice President of Church Engagement at Communio, dive deep into the pivotal role of marriage and family in faith and society. John Price, Director of Family Life and Spirituality for the Diocese of San Diego, joins the discussion, sharing his experiences and the profound impacts of marriage enrichment initiatives.

Key Highlights:

Opening Prayer and Reflections: The show begins with a prayer led by John Price, setting a spiritual tone and gratitude for life’s blessings.

Marriage Enrichment Initiatives: Jared shares insights on Communio’s role in reducing divorce rates and enhancing family life through community and church engagement.

Impactful Statistics: Discussion on the significant drop in divorce rates in Jacksonville, FL, by 24%, thanks to marriage enrichment programs facilitated through local churches.

Paradigm Shifts: John Price reflects on the need for the church to focus more on family structures to aid in faith retention across generations.

Community Engagement: Jared outlines Communio’s strategic approach to helping parishes identify and address specific needs through surveys and targeted programs.

Closing Thoughts: The conversation concludes with insights into the future of church and community engagements in strengthening family bonds.

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