Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Date: April 12, 2024

Hosts: Brandon Clark and Deacon Jim Vargas

Guest: Lister Lane

Mission and Impact of Father Joe’s Villages:

Overview of the services and the mission to prevent and end homelessness one life at a time.

Discussion on new initiatives and ongoing services that have significantly impacted the lives of many.

Lister Lane’s Journey:

Lister shares his emotional journey from homelessness to stability, detailing how Father Joe’s Villages provided him not just shelter, but a path to a dignified, self-sufficient life.

Highlights of the support provided including vocational training, health services, and personal growth.

Community and Support:

The importance of community and trust built within the shelters, emphasizing safety and the opportunity to heal and grow.

Personal stories of growth and transformation from Lister and how the organization has supported him through various challenges.

Closing Thoughts:

Lister expresses gratitude and shares a message of hope and transformation, emphasizing the life-changing support received from Father Joe’s Villages.