Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew


Brandon introduces Eddie Madueno, normally a co-host but the guest for today’s show.

Eddie is a former law enforcement officer who now makes rosaries and is actively involved in the Catholic community.

Segment 1: Eddie’s Involvement with JP2 Radio

Eddie shares how he got involved with JP2 Radio through his connection with the founder during his time as Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus.

Details his role in the “Flip the Switch” event and how he became more involved after retiring from law enforcement.

Discusses the importance of volunteers in supporting JP2 Radio’s missions, particularly in organizing events and handling operations.

Segment 2: Eddie’s Career in Law Enforcement

Eddie discusses his career path from the military to police work, highlighting key moments and decisions.

Reflects on his early experiences as a police officer, including the challenges and impactful situations he faced.

Talks about the intersection of his faith and career, especially how his Catholic faith provided strength and perspective during tough times.

Segment 3: Faith and Community Impact

Eddie emphasizes the role of faith in guiding his actions and decisions throughout his career.

Shares stories about the community and departmental support that reinforced his faith and helped him serve better.

Discusses the transition from active law enforcement to teaching and mentoring, focusing on imparting values and faith-based compassion to new officers.