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Will you help us reach more souls?

Join us in spreading hope through the airwaves as we approach our upcoming Live Pledge Drive on May 21st-23rd . Help us reach our goal of raising $90,000 to continue operating and growing the Mission of JP2 Catholic Radio through Fall of 2024.

Partner with us in our mission to produce more live and local programming, focused on life, marriage, youth, family, and the Catholic community.

Engage More Listners

Bringing more people to an encounter with Christ and encouraging current listeners to invite others to experience the message of hope on JP2 Catholic Radio!

More Local Connections

Getting out into the San Diego/Escondido community and being present at local Catholic events to build relationships with our listeners.

Expand Our Signal

Expanding the coverage of JP2 Catholic Radio. With a potential current reach of 2 million, we want to add an FM signal and utilize other media to bring the Gospel to more people.


Donations cover the costs of our tower lease, utilities, as well as equipment updates and repairs.

We reach 2 million of the potential 3.4 million in the San Diego/El Centro area. Our goal is to add an affiliate in downtown San Diego and eventually an FM signal to cover all of San Diego.

One of our greatest needs is to increase our capacity to operate by hiring staff. We are looking to hire someone to help build relationships, make local connections and support the mission of JP2 Catholic Radio!

There are many ways you can help, through prayer, volunteering, donating your vehicle or remembering JP2 Catholic Radio in your planned giving and stocks.


Tuesday, May 21

Date/Time Guest Guest Info
7:00 AM Kimberly King
7:30 AM Raul Caro
8:00 AM Cy Kellett
9:00 AM Bern O’Neil
10:00 AM Fr. Joseph Tabique
1:00 PM Paul DeMartini
2:00 PM Dr. George Delgado
3:00 PM John Hinterlong
4:00 PM Deacon Jim Vargas/Maggie DuRocher

Wednesday, May 22

Date/Time Guest Guest Info
7:00 AM Stephen Beuerle and Raul Caro
8:00 AM Fr. Mark Edney
8:30 AM Fr. Edward Horning
9:00 AM Martin Rosales
10:00 AM Kevin and Jennay Gunderson
1:00 PM Fr. Patrick Mulcahy
2:00 PM Tim Staples
2:30 PM Christopher Check
3:00 PM Fr. Chris Tozzi
4:00 PM Deacon Keith Esshaki

Thursday, May 23

Date/Time Guest Guest Info
7:00 AM Jamie Cleaton
8:00 AM Francie Moss
9:00 AM Bud Leedom
10:00 AM Paul Jonna
1:00 PM Dr. John Sottosanti
2:00 PM Jim DeBello
3:00 PM Fr. Scott Herrera/Alma Reyes
4:00 PM Patrick and Kathryn Carey

Pledge Drive Guests

Fr. Scott Herrera
Fr. Scott Herrera St Mary Parish - Escondido, CA
Jim DeBello
Jim DeBelloFormer CEO, Mitek
Deacon Keith Esshaki
Deacon Keith EsshakiChaldean Catholic community leader
Tim Staples
Tim StaplesCatholic Answers Apologist
Martin Rosales
Martin RosalesDirector, Whispering Winds Camp
Steve Beuerle
Steve BeuerleCofounder, JP2 Radio San Diego
Dr. George Delgado
Dr. George DelgadoDirector, Culture of Life Family Services
Cy Kellet
Cy KelletHost, Catholic Answers
Jamie Cleaton
Jamie CleatonPresident, Paradigm Missions
Kimberly King
Kimberly King
Rev. Patrick Mulcahy
Rev. Patrick MulcahyPastor, Mary, Star of the Sea, La Jolla
Rev. Mark Edney
Rev. Mark EdneyPastor, Our Lady of the Valley, El Centro, CA
Dcn. Jim Vargas
Dcn. Jim VargasCEO, Father Joe's Village
Rev. Christopher Tozzi
Rev. Christopher TozziPastor, St. Therese of Carmel, San Diego, CA
Paul M. Jonna
Paul M. JonnaAttoney, LiMandri & Jonna, LLP
Dr. John Sottosanti
Dr. John SottosantiAuthor, Mortal Adhesions
Fr. Joseph M Tabigue
Fr. Joseph M TabiguePastor, Our Lady of the Rosary, Little Italy
Christopher Check
Christopher CheckPresident of Catholic Answers