Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the JP2 Morning Crew! This episode, aired on May 3, is filled with a special conversation featuring two-time Emmy award-winning TV host and media professional, Kimberly King. Join your host Brandon Clark as they delve into topics of faith, family, and media.

Key Highlights:

Morning Prayer and Reflection: The episode opens with a prayer and reflection, emphasizing the importance of the month of May dedicated to Mary. Brandon discusses the significance of Marian consecration and introduces several resources to aid listeners in their spiritual journey.

Kimberly King’s Inspiring Story: Kimberly shares profound personal stories, including a miraculous experience involving Mother Mary which provided comfort during challenging times with her family. She also discusses her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s and the strong impact of faith in her life.

Media Career and Transition: Kimberly delves into her extensive career in media, starting from her early inspirations to her prominent roles in TV hosting. She explains her transition from media to focusing more on family and faith, leading to her involvement in Catholic-focused initiatives.

Family Ties to Law Enforcement: The conversation highlights Kimberly’s family, noting her husband and children’s roles in law enforcement and public safety, underscoring her deep respect and support for the profession.

Role of Media in Society: Both Kimberly and Brandon discuss the changing landscape of media, stressing the importance of using media platforms responsibly to uplift and truthfully report on community stories.

New Beginnings: Kimberly is excited about her new role as the Public Affairs Officer for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. She shares her enthusiasm for telling impactful stories about law enforcement and community engagement.

Closing: The episode wraps up with a reminder to catch the full conversation on the JP2 Radio website and the Morning Crew podcast. Don’t miss next week’s episode for more enriching discussions and insights.