Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Main Segment:

In a profound conversation with José Pulido, founder of At The Service, they explore how intellectual honesty and a desire for truth can lead to a deeper faith and active evangelization. José shares his transformative journey from skepticism to faith and outlines how desire, action, and confidence can be seen as modern expressions of faith, hope, and love.

Key Points Discussed:

The concept of Ordinary Time as a period of spiritual growth.

Recap of the successful spring pledge drive and ongoing support for JP2 Catholic Radio.

José Pulido’s background and his path from atheism to Catholic evangelization.

The importance of intellectual honesty in faith and evangelization.

Practical insights on how to live out evangelization daily, inspired by the Holy Family.

José’s approach to evangelization through the lens of Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The impact of personal encounters with Christ on effective evangelization.