Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Episode Summary:

Join Brandon Clark and Steve Splonskowski as they dive into the solemn celebration of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus with co-hosts and guests sharing personal stories of faith, devotion, and divine intervention. This episode features a powerful conversation with Rob Goodale, a retired marine who shares his compelling conversion to Catholicism, his deepening faith journey, and his active involvement in Catholic organizations.

Key Highlights:

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary: Insights into the significance of these feasts and their deep-rooted history in the Church, including personal stories of faith and miracles associated with these devotions.

Guest Spotlight – Rob Goodale: From his early life and military service to a profound spiritual awakening and conversion to Catholicism, Rob discusses the impact of divine guidance in his life and his role in Catholic evangelization efforts.

Community and Service: Discussion on the importance of community involvement through organizations like the Legion of Mary, Knights of Columbus, and St. Paul Street Evangelization, with guidance on how listeners can participate.