Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew


Brandon Clark

Eddie Madueno


Bernie O’Neil, Retired Marine Colonel and active member of the Legion of Mary

Episode Summary:

In this episode of JP2 Morning Crew, Brandon Clark and co-host Eddie Madueno sit down with Bernie O’Neil, a lifelong and faithful Catholic who served as a Marine Colonel for 30 years. Bernie shares insights into how his faith sustained him through numerous military missions and his current involvement with the Legion of Mary, highlighting the impact of service and spirituality in both military and civilian life.

Key Highlights:

Military Service: Bernie discusses his 30 years in the Marines, detailing how faith was a constant companion through various assignments and challenges.

Prayer and Faith: Bernie reflects on the importance of prayer, starting the episode with a communal prayer and discussing its significance in everyday life.

Legion of Mary: Bernie talks about his work with the Legion of Mary, describing it as a spiritual army doing holy work in local communities, and offers ways listeners can get involved.

Personal Insights: Eddie and Bernie share personal experiences about leadership, humility, and the importance of recognizing Christ in others.