Originally published at JP2 Morning Crew

Episode Overview:

In this enlightening episode of the JP2 Morning Crew, hosts Brandon Clark and Raul Caro explore the significance of the Feast of the Visitation and engage in a deep conversation about the role of the Blessed Mother in our faith. Special guest Martin Rosales, Executive Director of Whispering Winds Catholic Conference Center, shares profound insights into the transformative power of nature and faith combined at the camp.


Feast of the Visitation – Co-host Brandon Clark shares his personal connection to this feast day and discusses its importance in the Catholic tradition.

Role of the Blessed Mother – Raul Caro opens up about his evolving relationship with Mary, highlighting how learning about her has deepened his faith.

Guest Introduction – Martin Rosales discusses the mission and impact of Whispering Winds, detailing how it provides a spiritual refuge and strengthens faith through the beauty of nature.

Powerful Testimonies – Martin recounts inspiring stories of faith and transformation experienced by visitors at Whispering Winds, emphasizing the camp’s role in facilitating these personal encounters with God.

Community Impact – Discussion on how Whispering Winds serves over 11,000 Catholics annually, fostering community and spiritual growth through various programs and retreats.

Q&A with Martin – Listeners get a closer look at the day-to-day operations and spiritual offerings at the camp, along with how individuals and groups can get involved or visit.

Closing Thoughts:

The episode wraps up with a reflection on the importance of nature in spiritual practice and evangelization, urging listeners to explore their own “Calcutta” where they can connect more deeply with God.