What were the Child Jesus’ first words to St. Joseph?

While the Gospels provide little information about St. Joseph, Spanish mystic and nun Ven. Mary of Ágreda revealed the alleged answer to this question.

In Sister Ágreda’s private revelations, she recounted that St. Joseph expressed his admiration and praise to the Lord, together with the Virgin, when Jesus looked at him and said:

“My Father, I came from heaven to earth to be the light of the world and to redeem it from the darkness of sin; to seek and know my sheep as a good shepherd, to give them pasture and food for eternal life, to teach them the way to get there and to open the doors which had been closed due to their sins. I therefore want you both to be children of the light, since you have it so close to you”. (681).

What was the first word the Child Jesus said to St. Joseph?

These words flooded St. Joseph’s heart with love, reverence and joy.

He then humbly knelt before the Child Jesus and thanked him because the first word he heard was “Father”. Through tears, he then asked the Lord that His divine light