CHULA VISTA — Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer said that many young people have heard about “multiverses” and have come to believe incorrectly that the proposed existence of multiple universes is “a substitute” for the traditional belief that there was a single moment when God created the world from nothing.

“But, in point of fact, there’s more than enough evidence out there to show every multiverse needs a beginning, every string universe needs a beginning, every oscillating universe needs a beginning, and our universe needs a beginning,” Father Spitzer said.

“Prior to that beginning, physical reality was nothing,” he said, “and if physical reality was nothing, it could only do nothing. And if physical reality could only do nothing, it could not have moved itself from nothing to something … Therefore, something else had to do it, and that ‘something else’ has to be a transcendent Creator.”

Father Spitzer developed Credible Catholic, a free educational curriculum for middle school and high school, through his nonprofit The Magis Center, in response to young people leaving the Church. The curriculum, which includes a series of online video modules, has been embraced by the San Diego Diocese.

Father Spitzer said the “fine-tuning” of the universe