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Do you wear a Saint Benedict medal?

The Saint Benedict medal is a powerful sacramental in the Catholic Church. It bears the image of Saint Benedict, a sixth-century monk known for his spiritual wisdom and contributions to monastic life.

The medal is rich in symbolism. Each part represents a particular aspect of Saint Benedict’s life or has a specific spiritual meaning.

According to the National Catholic Register,

“As Saint Benedict is invoked against evil, his medals are considered particularly efficacious against it. This is the medal the Church uses when she’s had just about enough.”Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOPWhat does the Medal of Saint Benedict mean?Here is an explanation of the common elements found on the Saint Benedict medal:
On the front of the medal:Saint Benedict’s image represents Saint Benedict as a powerful intercessor against evil and a source of spiritual guidance. He holds the written Rule of Saint Benedict in one hand and a cross in the other.On one side of Saint Benedict is a raven. On the other is a cup with a serpent emerging from it. This represents an incident in his life when he miraculously saved himself from poisoning.

Above the cup reads: “Crux sancti patris Benedicti,” which means, “The Cross of [our] Holy Father Benedict.”