Originally published at Ignatian Spirituality

I am not a patient person. I like to act quickly and want everything and everyone to act just as quickly as I do.

Perhaps better than any human being, Siri knows this fact about me quite well.

I remember being so excited the day someone told me I could ask Siri to text my husband on my way home. I tried it that very day, in fact. As I turned onto the highway, I hurriedly called out to my phone: “Siri, text Joey Crowder that I am picking up dinner and will be home in 20 minutes.” It felt like a lifetime before she finally responded with, “The name ‘Crowder’ means one who pushes or crowds. Would you like me to use ‘Crowder’ in a sentence?” Frustrated, I tried again, this time just as quickly but with a shorter message: “Siri, text Joey Crowder: I got dinner. ETA 20 minutes.” She responded, “The acronym ‘ETA’ is used as shorthand for one’s estimated time of arrival. To learn more about ‘ETA,’ please unlock your iPhone.” I gave up.

The morning I contemplated what I was going to write for this post, I felt every