Originally published at Eight Hobbits

Love and Care for the Marginalized by Anne DeSantis on Amazon

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to reach out to hurting people? Are you overwhelmed with caring for family, friends, and neighbors? This wonderful little book by Anne DeSantis, M.A. Theology and the director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation will lift your spirits and give you tangible things to do for those in need.

We have all experienced moments of isolation and loneliness during the last two years. What better way to begin to open our hearts again than with a short reading, action, and prayer each day for 40 days? Now is the time to reconnect with each other, ignore differences, and work to heal our damaged world. DeSantis gives us ideas for how to give our time, talent, and treasure to others, while filling our own cup with daily prayer and inspiration.

In as little as a minute per day, we can read these reflections and spread peace and mercy to our own corner of the world. DeSantis recommends that we work on virtue, pray for people who have hurt us, live in the moment, and be present and aware of other’s needs. As we