Originally published at Eight Hobbits


Stefan Smart in I AM MARK

Stefan Smart is a retired British drama and English teacher. He took up acting again recently, and started a theater company called Behold! His one-man show, I AM MARK is a retelling of the entire Gospel of Mark from the Bible. With minimal props and gentle music, Smart brings his considerable talent to this oral history. Scholars now think that Mark’s Gospel was meant to be performed by one person, and was taken across the Roman world to encourage the new Christian communities. Smart would like to do the same thing, and has performed I AM MARK in churches, schools, and theaters across the U.K. He can also be seen on CMAX.TV. Smart brings the thrilling twists and turns, conflicts, and miracles in Mark to life in a way that will stay with you, and allow you to introduce friends and neighbors to Jesus.  

Hello Stefan, and thank you for allowing Eight Hobbits to interview you. I just finished watching the show, and I want to tell you how profoundly moving it was on many levels.

Do you plan to continue performing it? Yes indeed. I think it