We must ask God for the gift of fortitude, for we know that the victory has already been won.

Catholic women love a good sticker. Show us a pretty sticker with a delicate font, and maybe a floral wreath(!) surrounding a saint quote and we will eagerly snap it up to decorate our cars, refrigerators and water bottles, or pop it in the mail to our sisters and friends.

I’m exaggerating somewhat here, but only slightly. This penchant may seem like an easily mocked quirk of Catholic women, but for many of us, these little visual reminders are just that — reminders of our faith intended to inspire us as we move through our day. A St. Thérèse quote on our laptop may remind us to ask the Little Flower for her intercession as we work to hit that deadline or draft a difficult email. The window decal embossed with St. Teresa of Calcutta’s gentle reminder to wash the dishes because we love each other may stop the grumbling over what seems a thankless task.

There is one sticker that is now making the rounds as various Catholic companies and artists offer discounts in honor of the Maid