Originally published at To Jesus Sincerely

A funny phrase popped into my head recently: “The Theology of a Name.”

You might be wondering what I mean by that… and I’m not sure I really know either!

But the bottom line is: names are important.

But why do I say the “theology” of a name, instead of just the “importance” of a name? Because God reveals himself to us by name. The Father, the First Person of the Trinity: “I am.” The Son, the Second person of the Blessed Trinity: “Jesus.”

The more I think about the beauty and importance and power of his name, the more I think God is teaching us something about how names reveal the identity of the one named, and how this applies to each of us.

And that’s what I want to dig into a little bit, today!

What do you mean by Theology of a Name?

In a nutshell, what I mean by Theology of a Name is threefold:

the name of Jesus teaches us who he is,our names are part of our identitynames are to be reverenced

And I’m still working through these ideas in my head, but let’s see where this takes us!

Let’s start with