Originally published at To Jesus Sincerely

This post is sponsored by Marie Zelie, who sent me an outfit in exchange for an honest review.

You know how much I love my jeans and Catholic-tees for daily, around the house wear.

But I also jump at any opportunity to get dressed up and fancy! I love putting together an outfit for a date night out with my husband, a feast day party, and especially for Sunday Mass.

Often though, even my dressy clothes are second-hand. They’re good enough for daily Mass, or ladies-night-out, but the well loved wear and use is evident.

That’s why I’m so excited to have a brand new outfit dedicated to dressing up for Jesus! My Sunday best just got a much needed update.

Marie Zelie sent me a blouse and skirt that make me feel beautiful, feminine, and classy.

Wait till you discover how comfy this brand is! Classic, Feminine, High Quality Clothing

Marie Zelie is dedicated to making high quality, quintessentially feminine clothing.

Some fast fashion “dress clothes” feel to me like they’ll rip, pull, or be ruined at the wrong move – which is not ideal when you’re a mom with young kiddos climbing all over you!