Originally published at Orange County Catholic

Save the date, because Hazel is back! The Diocese of Orange and music ministry of Christ Cathedral are pleased to announce the blessing of the cathedral’s iconic, newly restored Hazel Wright Organ on Friday, June 10 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Join Bishop Kevin Vann and Vatican organist Josep Sole Coll, who is flying in from Rome for this special occasion.

All in the Diocese and music lovers everywhere are welcome. Please visit HazelWrightOrgan.com to learn more about the blessing, which will be livestreamed.

The Office of Communications has also produced as special trailer video which features a recording of Christ Cathedral organist David L. Ball playing “Fanfare-Introduction in D” by Daniel Ficarri, a piece commissioned for Hazel. Those 42 seconds of audio came from when David played it for the Associated Press, which first did the story about Hazel’s completed restoration in February 2022.

The video’s opening shot shows Hazel during her Crystal Cathedral days, before it transitions into a “then and now” moment showing how she looks today within Christ Cathedral. Lastly, the wide-shot picture showing the cathedral was taken during the World Marriage Day Mass on Feb. 7, which was actually the signing day of Hazel’s