Originally published at Eight Hobbits

A New Auntie’s Fear by Angela Lano on Amazon

Beautiful, simple, and heartfelt are words that come to mind with this book. Written and illustrated by a woman with cerebral palsy, it is a window into the suffering, joy, and goals that are part and parcel of life with a special need. Lano wrote this book as a letter to her newborn niece, and it is a beautiful gift that celebrates each and every life on this planet.

Everyone needs someone to sit and listen to their hopes and fears. This new auntie has plans to teach her niece a few things, like crocheting and playing the piano. But the biggest thing she wants to teach this precious little girl is that Jesus loves us all.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful, but simple enough for a very young child, or a person with special needs, such as eyesight difficulties to enjoy. Angela Lano gives herself and others permission to talk about the fear of surgery, and of being different. This children’s book would make a lovely gift for ages 3 to 8, especially for daughters who have a special-needs aunt.

You can find Angela Lano’s work at auntieswriting.wordpress.com.