Originally published at To Jesus Sincerely

It’s no secret that kids (and adults!) can often struggle with the Sacrament of Confession.

There’s something so difficult about saying your sins out loud.

But at the same time, there’s something so beautiful and freeing about it, too! And this is what we want to teach our kids.

When you confess your sins to the priest, he has the power to absolve you (in persona Christi), and your sins are gone forever! And that’s a joy we want our kids to know and love.

So here are ten ways to prepare your kids to make a good confession – with hope and peace, and without fear!

Practice Making Good Apologies

Confession is the Sacrament of apologizing to God.

A good confession includes three requirements:

Contrition (being sorry for your sins)Confession (saying sorry for your sins)Penance (making up for your sins)

When these three requirements are met, we are able to receive absolution (forgiveness) for our sins!

We all know that in a family, there are many times when we hurt each other and need to apologize and forgive each other.

In our home, a good apology is modeled after the Sacrament of Confession!

When my kids apologize